Tough Commercial Bath Towel

This is a woven Terry, twisted pile, heavy duty bath towel, suitable for commercial laundering and available in a full range of sizes, with stock in Sydney, Australia.

Style: Woven Terry. Twisted pile. Heavy Duty. Suitable for commercial laundering.
Fabric: 100% cotton

Bath Sheet

Size: 71 x 155
Weight: 520
Package: 48 per box

Bath Towel

Size: 68 x 137
Weight: 520
Package: 60 per box

Hand Towel

Size: 41 x 66
Weight: 520
Package: 120 per box

Face Washer

Size: 33 x 33
Weight: 520
Package: 360 per box

Bath Mat

Size: 50 x 71
Weight: 775
Package: 48 per box

tough commercial bath towels