My Colour Bath Towel

With 28 colours in the range, we have a bath towel in a colour to suit your every need; the My Colour range of towels are a consistent favourite. Available in a full range of sizes, these towels have appeal for all uses, from home to hospitality.

Style: 100% Combed Cotton Towelling plain dyed, finished with a satin decor band
Fabric: 100% Combed cotton, 550gsm

Bath Sheet

Size: 91 x 165
Package: 4 per pack

Bath Towel

Size: 68 x 137
Package: 6 per pack

Hand Towel

Size: 43 x 68
Package: 6 per pack

Face Washer

Size: 33 x 33
Package: 12 per pack

Bath Mat

Size: 50 x 76
Package: 6 per pack

My colour bath towels

Colour Options

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